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Ooooh Look! New & Shiny!

I have a severe addiction to buying golf stuff; like, can't go more than two years without thinking my game has somehow changed, usually for the worse, and the best thing I can do is #upgrade. Now must people would tell me thats a waste of money or its the "indian, not the arrow" but to me comfort is comfort. Or, some would tell me to get a lesson, which I have and have my grievances with. But recently I swapped out my 2020 #P790s for the new #Taylormade #Stealth irons. With some good hookups, I was able to sell my upgraded 790s and equally purchase a new set, 6- AW, of the 2022 Stealths.

Reasoning? Well, I figured that a weekend warrior golfer such as myself probably shouldn't feel like they are muscling a majority of their shots to get it somewhere, which is how I viewed my game with the P790s. Didn't feel I ever hit them sweet. I opted for the top forgiving iron set out there in the Stealth model to help ease that pain and even me out. Now, my handicap is somewhere in the 14- 20 range, so nothing great, but sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut and maybe on a given round, I might shoot a 39- 40. Why not use the technology available to me to help get me there?

So I've hit the Stealths a few rounds and I'm not blown away by them (yes I hit a 7 iron in this model prior to buying them) but there are certain shots I've hit where I'm a little happier than I was. Do I feel like these are the answer? As of four rounds in, I can say no, but its too early to tell. How do you, the reader, know when something just isn't right or you've had enough time with your weapons to understand it is indeed, #thearrow?

I also dabbled with the #Wilson D9s, the #MizunoGolf Hot Metals, the #TourEdge 722s, hell, I think I hit #Callaway irons too, which I don't get along with for some reason. I just have this loyalty to #TaylormadeGolf from all the sets I've had previously (M2> M4> M6> P790> Stealth) and their customer service has always done me right.

I am going to play out the remainder of my short season here in Michigan with the Stealths to see how we grow together, hopefully the relationship is fruitful. But it won't keep me from looking and window shopping for the next newest model cause its a habit I just can't break. Maybe thats why I started my own shop so that I could continually make new stuff!

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