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Image by Noah Rosenfield

Our story

When I started out, I wanted to create a blue collar golf experience for everyone, regardless of stature or lifestyle.  I wanted to reach out to everyone in a simple way, through the game of golf, which is my passion!  I wanted to ignore the stuffy, elitist notion that golf is only for select few, and ensure that anyone is welcome to come and play.


Initially, I began as an event coordinator, setting up outings and building websites, organizing stay and plays, setting up course games, etc.  However, it never quite took off, which sucked!  I was stuck basically doing most of these things for free, for myself, and for friends.  Taking notice of the sign that this wasn't going to work out, I pivoted and started working on apparel in small steps (and we're still in the small parts!).  

The name GOLF NOMAD was something that stood out to me, as a way to express the love I have of the game and the lengths in which I would and still do travel to play exciting and beautiful courses wherever I am or can access.  My first slogan, "Go Where the Golf Takes You," still rings true and I continue to use it as a way to showcase that no matter where you are or where you are going, you can go play, no matter who you are.  Get out there, find your top ten courses on your own, represent a true GOLF NOMAD, no matter your location.  Don't worry about the collars, just worry about your next shot or if they have a good turn dog after your first nine...

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