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Image by Noah Rosenfield

Our story

When GOLF NOMAD started out, it was about an experience.  It was about setting up events, outings, building relationships, organizing stay and plays, setting up course games, etc. for people that perhaps just didn't have the time or knowhow. However great those experiences were or how strong the relationships became with people and places, we were stuck basically doing most of these things for free, for ourselves, and for friends.  Taking notice of the sign that this wasn't going to work out quite the way we wanted it to, we pivoted and started working on apparel and gear but with our own flavor and feel.  


The name GOLF NOMAD was something that came naturally, as a way to express the love we have of the game and the lengths in which we would and still do travel to play exciting and beautiful courses wherever we are or can access.  Our first slogan, "Go Where the Golf Takes You," still rings true and we continue to use it as a way to showcase that no matter where you are or where you are going, you are welcome in this game, no matter who you are.  Get out there, find your own top ten courses, represent a true GOLF NOMAD. Don't worry about the collars and khakis, just worry about your next shot or if they have a good turn dog after your first nine and who's buying in the clubhouse after...

From putters, headcovers, markers, and bags to various on and off- course apparel, GOLF NOMAD wanted to create their own niche in the game and showcase our brand by inviting everyone to be a part of it. Tell us your greatest and maybe worst golf stories. Share your photos and videos on with us on all social media platforms. Be a true GOLF NOMAD.


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