Golf Nomad specializes in bringing golf to everyone on a grassroots level.  We offer organizations, companies, players, and people a no-frills view of the game through our videos, shout- outs, pictures, and social media communications, showcasing the best of our local, public courses. 

We love to team up with everyone, from equipment companies to other golf lovers that want to share their experiences.  We talk about course conditions, finding gem courses, fees, beer prices, how undercooked the clubhouse hotdogs are today, anything and everything related!  

Wanna team up and spread the every- person golf love?  Send us an email- info@golfnomad.net, or check us out on our social media outlets and drop us a line!  We'd love to share your posts as well and welcome you to the Nomad Nation!


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Golf Nomad has been bringing golf to all, no matter who you are.  We like to represent the common man; we're just out here showcasing the best in the Midwest!  Based out of Michigan, which is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the country, and the home of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, we offer apparel, reviews, shout outs, promotions, event planning, and everything else!  As long as it is golf, we want to be a part of it!

Obviously we want to be involved in the golf game, that's the dream right?  But you gotta start somewhere and no one seems to show enough love to the every day man just trying to be a better golfer.  Whether its league night or an outing or a tournament, we want to be present, be a part of, or be in it with you.  We'd even just show up to have beers after the round because that's what drives our love of the game.  That and all the cool toys that go along with it.  So give us a read, buy a hat, support the movement to bring golfers together.  It doesn't matter where you're from or the level of your game, we want you to be a part of the #NomadNation.

So Where Do We Go?

We go anywhere and everywhere for golf; we will travel to the ends of the world if we have to, just to gain new experiences and no course will be left untouched, no stone unturned, no turn dog left without a bun!

Buuuuut, being that we are a small operation, we tend to concentrate on the Midwest, mostly Michigan, or as we like to call it, "Golf Kingdom,".  Michigan has one of the highest concentrations of golf courses anywhere and some of the best in the country if not the world (at least to us).  With so much to offer, you can spend a lot of time playing premier tracks to Mom- and- Pop stops almost in any city or county in the Great Lakes State.

Check out our reviews page for some more in- depth insight into some of the courses we've had the pleasure of playing.  Note, its not an exhaustive list, but we're getting there as we get out and play as much as we can and try to provide a blue collar look at the game.


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