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Why I Started Golf Nomad

So why did I start Golf Nomad? Why the name? Couldn't do any better?

A lot of questions and maybe some stupid answers but hey, I'll be honest here and you can take it for what its worth. The short of it? I was tired of the stuffiness of golf, of private courses, of wearing a collar! I didn't want to be stuck playing the same course every week and I love to travel and play whenever I can. Being in Michigan, I felt like there was a bit of a hole in it's representation of being what I consider #GolfKingdom. So, what better fitting name than a #golfnomad who will travel far and wide to play the game of golf, which has become a passion? Some may hate it, some may love it; won't make everyone happy but it stuck and here I am!

However, this wasn't my first venture into the #golfworld; I tried out soooo many different names and apparel launches and everything else you could think of! Initially I thought I'd be good at offering my event setup services for other groups and people for a fee. Being that I had set up a yearly outing for the past 14 years with 40 players, offering monetary wins, trophies, custom website, orchestrating teams and player drafts, etc. Thought maybe other might be interested and would willing to pay not to have to deal with it. However, that never came to fruition. Either I didn't promote enough and didn't have enough money to do so, or it just wasn't a hole that needed to be filled in the industry. I still offer those services but I think I wanted to be in the apparel business rather than a coordinator.

So, that being said, I tried out a lot of different logos and names and launches but nothing ever kicked off. Hell, I think I'm still trying here with #GolfNomad ! I hoped it would catch on somewhere or with someone and it has.... with friends and family really. Lets say I've done a lot of giveaways just to get some items out there and I've supported myself (I own probably 10 of my own hats). Can't say I've made any money on this venture and you can get pretty worn out with it, no traction, having to pay to play.

With so many other companies out there with weird logos, names, popularity spikes that make no sense beyond having A LOT of money behind them, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd. I am all for sharing the wealth and the land with all of them. I think there is room for all, especially to for the love of the game. I'd love to collaborate with them, especially those that represent our great state of #Michigan .

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