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The Putter Cover Game

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I love putter covers. I have a problem with collecting them, trading them, reselling them…. And now, creating them. I have spent way too much money on supporting other creators and now, I’m taking a chance by creating my own designs/ other designers‘ dreams and ideas.

I‘m hoping it takes off, as seeing my covers out in the wilds of a golf course would be the ultimate compliment for me. We just launched two new covers, Drain It Dracula (personal love of mine, horror themed) and Par Michigan, dedicated to the Great Lakes State we HQ in. I will say, not much interest was drummed up when we announced our presale of the Dracula cover (sadly) and those may never see the light of day beyond my own putter and a friend’s. However had a few orders for the MI cover which I’m hopeful will reach more people. I have to admit, I hate the pay to play of social media. Can’t get anything in front of more than 80 people or less with a free share, and that sucks! So any help from you out there is greatly appreciated!

anyway I’m rambling but hopefully we can strike gold with some covers and get some more followers! Cheers, Nomad Nation.

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