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Revamped & Relaunched- GOLFNOMAD.NET

If you're reading this, then you've seen we revamped and redelivered our website! We had professional help from a great group of experts to better serve our customers, friends, and newbies.

So what do you think of the site? We're really on the cusp of some great new launches, new logos and branded lines, as well as new products and services. With the new site comes a new #premium line, called "BIG HERD". It features our newest #logo #design, featuring our one of a kind BIG HERD Mastodon logo. We're going to launch a whole new set of apparel, bags, covers, etc. in support. We're overly excited about this new premium line offering, as we think it will really take off. Little known fact, the mastodon is the #stateMI fossil of Michigan (hence the usage and fit)! Stay tuned for more items and the new line #launch.

We're also on the verge of a #brand #new launch on 5/23 (we sent a new post out today to promote it) and we're really excited to share our latest designs with our followers. Its really going to #BLOW you away.... or its going to be a bit of a "hit or miss" situation for some.... make sure you're following @golfnomad on Twitter/ Insta/ Meta for more hints, clues, and information.

We also just stepped into the #golfbag game with our first- ever stand bag live and available right now for individual orders. Featuring our "Par Michigan" popular logos and designs. We think its really gonna make some #waves so pick yours up now.

We have so much coming up but we don't wanna forget that we still have a #giveaway going on for the #droppinbirdies line.

Still waiting to sell out the blade covers and everyone who buys one will be entered into winning a matching blade putter. LH and RH available so get in now. Plus, this cover is sick! Look at that #drip on this #drop. The skellybird logo created by our designer is a prominent icon and easily recognizable as a #golfnomad logo and line.

Keep following us for even more content and if we run into one another, make sure to say hello out there in the wild!


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